Genisis of  

a Podcast  

Jay West and Mack East reminisce about anime over some Moscow Mules. We talk how we got into anime all those years ago. Plus we talk about the the dopest and the most disappointing fight scenes in anime. Get ready to listen to us babble about our childhoods, DBZ and My Hero Academia.

The Jesus 

Of Murder

Jay West and Mack East watch and discuss the first five episodes of Castlevania season 3. Plus for the first ever Dub Vs Sub segment Castlevania Symphony of the Night steps into the arena. Will the iconic dubbed lines be enough to topple the ferocious Japanese voice acting? Find out in this episode of We Get Dubbed.

What the Fuck

is Toilet Paper?

This episode we talk about the final 5 episodes of Castlevania season 3. In this segment of Dub vs Sub It is the Japanese Bruce Willis vs a dude that was in the Hobit. We look at Dracula's "One Year" speech from the first episode and decide who is the better Dracula.

Piece By Piece

You ever want to start One Piece but it just seems too damn big? Are you just starting One Piece and have noone to talk to? (You definitely can't search the internet it's full of spoilers) Well the We Get Dubbed guys got you. One of us will be watching One Piece for the first time the other will help guide him and you through.