Best Transformations in Anime

**There are some minor spoilers ahead.**

10. All Might - My Hero Academia

All Might is the fucking man. The only reason he is at ten on this list and not higher is because his transformation is pretty underwhelming. That being said though, there is a striking difference between the skinny blood coughing Toshinori Yagi and the dashing super hero All Might.

9. Usagi/Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon

This transformation is iconic. Yeah Usagi transforms from school girl to Super school girl, but watching her twist while her clothes transform and she spits catchphrases is awesome. I mean the entire time you are watching Sailor Moon you are just waiting for the moment where she transforms and kicks monster ass.

8. Kaku - One Piece

This transformation is One Piece at it's best. It plays with the tropes of anime, bordering on parody, while still being pretty bad ass. Kaku is human and in the middle of a fight when he goes to transform we are meant to expect some bad ass shit. What we actually get is Kaku becoming a giraffe. He then spends about an episode being mocked by his allies and enemies, while trying to convince them giraffes are cool. That situation alone would be enough to land Kaku on the list but then he does the impossible and does make the giraffe form pretty cool.

7. Envy - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Man, this transformation is fucking dope. Envy is a gender ambiguous homunculus that can take the appearance of anybody. Envy also has the ability to turn into a giant dragon type creature. What makes Envy's transformation so great though, is how weird and gross it is. Faces of people trapped within Envy protrude from the giant creature's body. They even talk.

6. Armin - Attack on Titan

The reason this transformation is so great relies heavily on the moment in the show, so just another spoiler warning. Armin who just helped take out the Colossal titan has had his skin melted off and his dying. Across from him Erwin is also injured and dying. The rest of our protagonists are then forced to use the one vial of titan serum they have to save one of their friend/comrade's life. The situation is so full of tension as the characters debate over who to save that this really elevated Armin's ultimate transformation into a titan. It is by far one of the best moments on the show.

5. Vegeta/Super Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z

This is my favorite Vegeta transformation. The dude becomes next level jacked which given his shorter stature make him look even more awesome. What makes this Vegeta form so cool is that his shit talk really ascends to the next level. Super Vegeta is the man.

4. Perfect Cell - Dragon Ball Z

Speaking of Vegeta, he made this transformation all that more epic. He intentionally let Cell reach his perfect form just to test out his Super Vegeta form. Perfect Cell does not disappoint. The transformation itself is pretty awesome. You can see the energy of it from space. When Cell emerges he is one of the greatest villains in Dragon Ball Z history.

3. Eren - Attack on Titan

This transformation surprised the shit out of me. Our main character Eren is devoured in his first battle with titans. I 100% thought he was dead, they fucking got me. So when Eren bursts out of the titan, a giant screaming monster I was damn surprised. That is only half the reason this transformation made it so high on the list. The other reason is that Eren in Titan form is a goddamn beast. He becomes a vicious Titan killing machine and he dishes out so much brutality.

2. Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece

Let's start with this, the pose for second gear is dope as shit. The pink shade his body takes on along with the steam hammer home the transformation nicely. The thing that propels second gear to so high on the list though is the toll it takes on Luffy. At some point we are told that Luffy using his rubber body and organs to quicken the flow of blood in his body will end up taking time off of his life (who would of guessed.) This balances the transformation and makes it feel important every time Luffy puts his fist in the ground.

1. Goku/ SS Goku - Dragon Ball Z

To me, this is the transformation that changed the game. Any time someone bursts with rage we call it going Super Saiyan. This transformation permeated American mainstream pop culture like very few other things have in anime.

The first time Goku went super Saiyan I had no idea what the hell I was seeing. Freeza had just blown up my guy (and Goku's) Krillin, which caused Goku to lose his mind. He screamed and a golden light exploded from within him. Goku did the calm look back pose and we all knew Freeza was gonna catch them hands. From there on out Dragon Ball became about finding the next level of the transformation but it all started on Namek with the most important transformation in anime history.

If you want to hear me and O'l Jay West discuss our transformations check out our episode of the podcast below.

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