Top Ten Anime Power Moves

10. Hyper Beam - Pokemon

Hyper Beam was some next level shit in the Pokemon Anime. From the way you could see the particles gathering to the way it devastated other Pokemon. For Me, Mack East, though, it made the list because the move made me want to give every one of my grey, 8-bit Pokemon Hyper Beam.

9. Wind Scar - InuYasha

Wind Scar or, as you weebs probably call it, Kaze no Kizu was the shit. Big sword. Big beams. That's all I really need. Plus watching InuYasha kick ass on Adult Swim as he Will-they-Won't-theyed with Kagome was some must see TV. Not to mention them end credits hitting teenage me right in the angst. Oh yeah power moves...Big Sword, big beam...Wind Scar.

8. Spirit Gun - Yu Yu Hakusho

I think if it hadn't been over a decade since I watched Yu Yu Hakusho, this move would be higher on my list. But, as it stands the Spirit Gun is one of the moves that sticks with you for life. It's one of those moves that makes you imitate it at home. I know my finger gun is always ready to go. Anyway the move was pretty beastly but the coolest thing about it was that it was balanced. Yusuke only had so many bullets and had to use them strategically which made the move all the more cool.

7. Tremor Tremor Power - One Piece

I'll try to write this with very few spoilers. The fucking Tremor Tremor power is amazing to see. White Beard is a beast and watching him punch the air and send cracks spreading across the screen will forever make me nod my head and give a little fist pump.

6. Kinniku Buster - Ultimate Muscle

This move encompasses my childhood pretty well. Wrestling and Anime. Kid Muscle's Ultimate move would drop your jaw on a Saturday morning. The Kinniku Buster would be a career ending wrestling move in real life but Kid added to it by grabbing his opponent and jumping thirty feet into the air. When he landed, the ring would shift from the shock waves and his victim would be compacted, crushed between the weight of his hold on their legs and the pressure of the impact on their neck. It's the kind of brutal move that will shatter your spine.

5. Gum-Gum Jet Gatling - One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy is that guy. He's got a shit ton of moves I could have picked from and did debate over. That being said, The Jet Gatling is a combo of one of my favorite Luffy moves (The Gum-Gum Gatling) and Second Gear. This move is a blurry barrage of fists that helps elevate Luffy to the next level in the One Piece universe.

4. United States of Smash - My Hero Academia

This is the greatest punch in anime history. I've never seen anything like it. All Might is the king of weirdly named moves after places in the US, but the United states of Smash has the coolest name by far. When he lands this shit the earth shakes and the air scatters. This is a rare move in anime that makes you think to yourself, how well would All Might do in the DBZ universe, which is the ultimate compliment when it comes to anime power moves.

3. Shining Fingers - Mobile Fighter G Gundam

I've talked about moves that stay with you throughout this list. I watched Fighter G Gundam probably fifteen years ago and never even saw it mentioned since, and yet here I am writing about Shining Fingers. I'll give a brief description since this is a lesser known series. In the show, which was basically one big open world tournament, the main character's Gundam would finish fights with this move. His fingers would glow with a golden light and then he would launch forward and wrap the shining appendages around his opponents head. From there, he would crush the fuck out of the other Gundam's metalic skull. It had a young me running and squeezing my little bother's head for years.

2. Destructo Disc - Dragon Ball Z

If you didn't know Krillin was my guy, now you know. The Destructo Disc is one of those moves that rises above its user. In Dragon Ball Z, Krillin is often over matched by his opponents, however the Destructo Disc holds up just fine. Just ask Freeza's tail and Nappa's cheek. Krillin is also able to pull out some awesome variations of the move. At times, he can control the disc, and other times he can split one Destructo disc into a bunch of razor sharp beams ready to slice you to ribbons. When Krillin throws one hand up we know shit is about to go down.

1. Kamehameha - Dragon Ball/ Z/ GT/ Super

The Kamehameha is the ultimate anime power move. It's versatile and high-powered. The Kamehameha can be both a move that starts a fight and one that ends it. It can be pulled out in mid-air or you can teleport and use it mid windup. It's perfect for dick measuring contests against other character's main power moves. It can be pulled out quickly. Though the slow build is where it's at, the multi-syllabic nature of the name makes for the most epic slow build of any move in Television history. Just try to keep your hairs from raising and your heart from thumping as you watch Goku and them boys put their hands together and steadily pull back, before pushing their hands forward and unleashing with a screaming HA!. If you think any other Anime power move belongs at number one then go fuck yourself. I will forever die on the Kamehameha hill.

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